Cash & Carry

Cash & Carry

With over 14 years worth of knowledge & expertise and an ever increasing number of loyal customers, we are able to keep our prices low whilst maintaining our commitment to only stock the best Bangladeshi & Asian foods for you.

Our convenient Bradford store, is easily accessible from all major routes and conveniently located for parking.

Shop in-store at our Cash & Carry and Supermarket for all the best quality: fresh Halal meat & poultry, frozen fish and seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, spices, flour, rice, bakery, household and lots more.

With daily offers across all departments, we ensure that you can always find great savings in store.

Our friendly and helpful customer service is unmatched and we offer many services to help make your experience as fast and easy as possible, including: order picking, product loading and call and collect.

Cash & Carry
Cash & Carry

Some of our latest products



> Veetee Mega Rice 20kg - 5kg …



GROUND SPICES (HEERA ,EAST END,RAJAH,SANAM BRAND) >Ground Mixed Spice (1KG) >Chilli Powder (1KG) >Chilli Powder (5KG) >Chilli Powder Extra Hot (1KG) >Chilli Powder Extra Hot (5KG) >Madras Curry Powder Mild (5KG) >Madras Curry Powder Mild (1KG) >Madras Curry Powder Hot (5KG) >Madras Curry Powder Hot (1KG) >Madras Curry Powder…

Pulse & Lentils


LENTILS > Brown Lentils (1x2KG) > Chana Dall (1x2KG > Chana Dall (1x5KG) >Chana Dall (1x25KG) >Moong Dall (1x2KG) >Moong Dall (1x5KG) > Red Lentils Masoor (1x2KG) > Red Lentils Masoor (1x5KG) > Red Lentils Masoor (1x20KG) > Toor Dall >Urid Dall PULSES > Chick Peas (1x2KG) >Chick Peas (1x5KG) > Chick Peas…



FOOD CONTAINERS >No1 Foil Containers (1x1000) >No1 Heavy Poly Lids (1x1000) >No2 Foil Containers (1x1000) >No2 Heavy Poly Lids (1x1000) >No6 Foil Containers (1x500) >No6 Heavy Poly Lids (1x500) >No9 Foil Containers (1x200) >No9 Heavy Poly Lids (1x200) >No12 Foil Containers (1x400) >No12 Heavy Poly Lids (1x400) >C1000 Plastic Containers +…

Cooking Oils, Dairy &Fats


Dairy & Butter > UHT Cream > Whipped Cream > Milk Pasturised ( 2LTR-3LTR) > Whole Milk ( 2LTR-3LTR) > Single Kerrymaid Cream 12x1LTR > Live Milk Yoghurt 5KG > Natural Yoghurt Bucket ( 5LTR-10LTR) >Greek Yoghurt 5LTR >Pakeezah Yoghurt Tub 12x425G > Bangladeshi Sweet Yoghurt (Dhoi) > Adam Butter 40x250G >…

Meat & Poultry


Fresh Poultry > Chicken Fillet Breast (With Inner and Without Inner available) > Chicken Leg > Chicken Wings > Leg Thigh > Double Breast Chicken > Whole Chicken > Chicken Drumsticks > Chicken Liver, Gizzard and Heart > Chicken Small ( Baby) Fresh Lamb (Mutton) > Leg Meat > Whole Chops…

Frozen Seafood


KINGPRAWNS >6/8 KingPrawns Cha Cha Chef ( 6x600G) >6/8 KingPrawns Rohim ( 6x600G) >6/8 KingPrawns Sobi (6x700G) >6/8 KingPrawns Tiger (6x700G) > 8/12 KingPrawns cha cha Chef (6x600G) >8/12 KingPrawns Tiger (6x700G) >8/12 Kingprawn Sobi (6x700G) >8/12 KingPrawn Rohim(6x800G) >U5 King Prawns Sobi/Apex (6x700G) >6/8 King Prawns Star Feast 700G IQF…



SELF RAISING FLOUR > Gold Star Self Raising Flour (25KG) > Victoria Self Raising Flour (25KG) > Imperial Self Raising Flour (25KG) GRAM FLOUR (BESAN) > Balah Gram Flour ( 6x2KG) > Balah Gram Flour (20KG) > Famos Gram Flour (6x2KG) >Famos Gram Flour…

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